Friday, September 9, 2011

Dude It's Football Season - Robotic Vacuums may Save the Day...

Okay dude, you know what time of year it is? Of course you do. If you are not a sports fan then this article may not be relevant to you, however those who are Football fanatics, the Fall season is your glory season and one must be smart in order to be able to enjoy the action of your favorite football team whether its collegian or the NFL.

Seriously you have to be smart going into the glory days of fall. This isn't much of problem for the good ole' bachelor, however when it comes to those who have a significant other and with those that live in the same household, the "honey do list" will most likely be there every weekend. And Dude she will expect them done.

You have to be smart to be inefficient in order to complete this list and still be able to watch your favorite game LIVE without having to use the DVR and watch the game later. And at that point chances are you'll probably already know the score, which of course deflates the ups and downs of watching a live football game. This is not what we Dude's like, we love football and we love it live.

When you get the list you probably already knew some of the basics usually clean the garage, and cut the grass. Simple, if done right, by the time the weekend hits, the grass is already done. Instead of saving the grass cutting to the weekend move it to a weekday. And depending on where you live, this will not last long since fall usually slows the growth of grass, and when it comes time for a late playoff push, cutting the grass isn't a problem anymore.

Cleaning the Garage, well this is probably not going to be an easy job, but just like the grass,  thinking ahead is the key, get it done during the week, so that you can keep your weekend free for the game you love..

There will be other smaller tasks, that must be considered, however working these around your football watching schedule won't be a problem. Vacuuming is another problem that can be easily taken care of. Have you ever thought about Robotic Vacuum Cleaners? These little buggers can do the job for you. Yes, imagine having the ability to watch the game and have a programmed Irobot Vacuum cleaner doing the dirty work for you. Check out this video:

So when it comes to football season, the excuse to get the Honey do list done is no longer an issue. Getting everything done and still being able to watch your favorite teams is a possibility. Being efficient, working smarter, and having the tools to help get the job done faster is always the key to enjoying the football season year in and year out.

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